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Omnichannel at Bel&Bo

In-store kiosk

Bel&Bo is committed to omnichannel. Via an interactive kiosk with a built-in Elo touch monitor, customers can order an item that’s out of stock in the store quickly and simply. It’s been a great success: the biggest growth in sales has come from orders that customers are placing in the physical store via the kiosk!

Online and offline in one story


The physical stores and online sales now complement each other perfectly, and form a seamless whole. Customers ordering via the webshop can have their purchases delivered at home or pick them up from a store. ‘Via the webshop, we also support customers who come to the stores’, says Chris Cokelaere, ICT Manager at Bel&Bo. ‘Say that an item in the store is out of stock. The store employee used to call another store, to ask whether the item was still available there. Today this takes place via the webshop, and you can choose to have the missing item delivered at home.’ This also works the other way around. The customer can return an item they bought online that doesn’t fit to the store.

In-store kiosk

Elo built-in touch monitor

‘Bel&Bo was looking for a durable top-quality touch solution’, explains Wendy van de Sande, Account Manager at DOBIT. ‘This is why we chose the Elo 3243L built-in touch monitor withIntelliTouch+. The glass touch panel is scratch-resistant, solid, and has excellent image quality. This monitor also has a good viewing angle, allowing several people to look at the screen together. The Elo 3243L is specially designed to be built in, so that it can be nicely integrated into the piece of furniture.’

Stylish and durable

Paying the bill with Elo

In addition to the in-store kiosk, Bel&Bo also use Elo products at the cash desk. ‘Although Bel&Bo already used a touch monitor at the cash desk, they still decided to replace it with an Elo touch monitor’, explains Wendy. ‘The Elo 1517L not only has a nice look and feel, but it’s also very durable and has a three-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard.’

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