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Our story starts in 1983 when Marc converted his passion into his profession. He is the founder of DOBIT: a company that specialises in electronic automations. A few years later, Marc discovered a new and promising innovation: touch technology. He saw a lot of potential there, and the first touch projects were established in 1987. The direction of the young company was already in place!

The partnership with Elo Touch Solutions in 1990 marked the beginning of an excellent story. A story in which DOBIT positioned itself as an innovative distributor of components and systems. DOBIT also made a name for itself in the Netherlands when it opened its Helmond branch in 2001. In the years that followed, the market boomed. The general public was ready for touch, and Elo products began to sell like hot cakes.

Today, we are still a distributor of Elo Touch Solutions products. But we do much more than that! We give our clients objective advice based on our 30 years of experience, and we think together about the best solution. Furthermore, made-to-measure is really in our DNA. For additional options, installing components, or repairs, our engineers love to getting on with the job.

In short, we are not merely a go-between, we are ready to work with our clients before, during and after the purchase!


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Distributor with passion

DOBIT products is more than a distributor of products. Our passion for technology has been with us for over 30 years and we know the market through and through. We are delightes to share our knowledge with our customers and give objective advice about the most appropriate products!


DOBIT was there when touch technology was in its infancy. And now, thanks to our many years of experience with this technology, and with the products of Elo Touch Solutions, we know exactly what is possible and what is not. We offer realistic solutions and are happy to share our experience with you.

Wide range of products

As an official distributor of Elo products, we offer a full range, from touch monitors, touch components, to All-In-One systems. With our own warehouse and a close relationship with our partners, we are able to provide support quickly!


Our customers should feel good about themselves. Therefore, we believe it is important to maintain an open culture, and we make every effort to help you to the best of our abilities. We have our own, in-house support and recovery service to solve any technical problems immediately.


We have the right people with the right know-how to perfectly match the correct product to your request. With our own LUVOX range you can choose the correct components and connectors, depending on your objective. Furthermore, our engineers can integrate your product into an existing or custom-made housing.

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