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Touch solutions in industry

Did you think touch screens could only be used in the retail, banking or healthcare sectors? ArcelorMittal Ghent proves the contrary. The steel company uses these modern communication technologies in order to optimise its production processes, and in order to do this, it works with DOBIT. Both the LUVOX line and Elo screens are perfectly integrated into this heavy industry environment. ArcelorMittal is now a leader in the use of this technology.!

Touch optimises production processes

Heavy industry

A guided tour of the steel factory and the hot-rolling mill immediately shows that ArcelorMittal operates in heavy industry. The factory has the typical characteristics of the sector: a lot of fine dust, high temperatures and enormous machines. Despite this very specific environment, touch screens can also offer a solution here. Wendy van de Sande, Sales Engineer at DOBIT explains: "In a heavy industrial environment it's often impossible to use peripherals such as a keyboard or mouse, because they break very quickly due to the fine dust. A touch screen, on the other hand, is more resistant and it can be built in, in order to protect it from the effects of fine dust. In addition to this robustness, another advantage of using a touch screen is that it's a very intuitive way to operate a screen. In other words fewer mistakes are made, because this is direct communication."!

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