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Elo All-in-One touch computers are perfectly suited to industrial environments. The Elo 17A2 touch computer has a number of specific advantages that make it useful for critical working conditions. Wendy van de Sande explains: “First of all, because it is sealed it can be rigorously maintained with strong antiseptic products. And because of its fanless design, the Elo 17A2 causes virtually no dust circulation. Moreover, the large screen has a scratchproof glass touch panel that produces a clear, high-contrast image. Elo’s IntelliTouch touch technology is extremely accurate and easy to operate with a finger, glove or soft object. This is unquestionably the best touch technology for this application!”


Great serviceability

The Elo 17A2 touch computer is built to be stable, long-lasting and serviceable. Wendy van de Sande, Account Manager at DOBIT: “All of the crucial components are integrated behind the screen, which means that it is very compact. Components such as hard drives, memory and power supply are easy to access and replace. A VERA mount attaches the Elo 17A2 to an ergonomic arm in the clean room, allowing individual operators to adjust the height and distance of the screen to suit their own needs. Additionally, the Elo 17A2 can be linked to a range of peripheral equipment. At Sterima-Vanguard, for example, it is fitted with hand scanners. But other constellations are also possible: biometric fingerprint scanner, magnetic card reader, speakers or Wifi card, to name a few.”

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