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Children's Book Museum puts interactivity centre stage

Touch brings literature to life

Learning, experiencing, and doing are central to the Children’s Book Museum in The Hague, and the sense of touch also occupies a prominent place. “We want to introduce children interactively to all kinds of stories,” says Anouk van Dijk, Education Coordinator at the Children’s Book Museum. “Children are active and curious and like to explore. Thanks to the combination of touchscreens and physical game elements, we can take the children into the magical world of the book.”

Rabenburg Technologies

Great partnership

“The exhibition had been running for over 10 years, so the touchscreens needed replacing,” Anouk continues. “It was very nice to have a partner who looks for the most suitable hardware for such a project. Van Rapenburg Technologies helped us perfectly by integrating DOBIT’s Elo touchscreens into the furniture and making sure that everything worked wonderfully as a whole. Using various touchscreens, children playfully get to know literature and determine the pace of their visit and game themselves."

The touchscreens were beautifully integrated into the whole, and the combination of the screens with various physical elements – such as a saw that children have to move up and down and see this happening on the screen – creates a super fun experience.


More functionalities

Switch to PCAP

The Children’s Book Museum is taking a step towards PCAP touch technology with these new touchscreens. “We notice that children are very familiar with touchscreens. For example, it wasn’t possible to ‘swipe’ on the screens previously, but we saw that kids made this movement spontaneously. It’s possible to swipe across these new screens and you can also control the screen with several fingers at the same time. This allows for more possibilities in terms of the interactive games on the screen.”

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