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Bristol is a family business that has grown into a renowned retail distributor of shoes and textiles. Altogether the group owns 210 stores with approximately 506 tills. With so few tills per store, stability and durability are crucial factors: because so many stores have only one till, that till must be 100% reliable.  In all of its stores, the company has installed intuitive till systems with Elo 15.6” touch screens. Customers see a full overview of their purchases on an innovative 15.6” customer display unit. When new products become available or prices change, the head of fice can send an immediate update to all of the till systems at the same time.

Durable and reliable


Wendy van de Sande, Account Manager at DOBIT: “We proposed the Elo 1502L with PCAP. PCAP is a highly reliable touch technology that combines a number of advantages. The front glass panel is extremely durable and retains excellent touch precision throughout the product’s lifetime. Moreover the glass front ensures that images are clear and colours true. It is also an excellent finger-operated technology that enables multi-touch.”

Our previous point-of-sale solution also consisted of an Elo touch screen. Since we were very satisfied with the quality of these monitors, we remained loyal to Elo. Our choice fell on the Elo 1502L, which also enabled us to take the step to widescreen.


Tailor-made RFID

Aesthetic and functional

In order to simplify employee registration, Bristol opted for the integration of an RFID reader. This RFID reader was custom-made. Wendy van de Sande explains: "The standard Elo RFID reader did not 100% meet the customer's expectations. Thanks to our knowledge of the Elo screens and competences in electronics, we developed an alternative RFID component in-house. We integrated this RFID reader into the Elo 1502L, enabling us to offer an all-in-one solution that meets customer's expectations".

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