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BelOrta opts for customised solution

Elo 1291L

Up to 4,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetables are traded daily at BelOrta. “From Monday to Saturday, buyers meet in the sales room to buy their fruit and vegetables,” is how Tim Van Caeyzeele, Head of ICT at BelOrta, begins his story. “They take their seats at one of the auction benches where they closely follow every tick of the clock and conclude transactions.” Each auction bank is equipped with an interactive screen on which buyers can consult information and prices about the products.


“The auction benches were already equipped with a touchscreen, but these screens were still running on Windows XP, which posed a cybersecurity risk for us. So the decision to switch to Windows 10 was also the start of our search for new screens for our auction houses.”

From now on, each auction bench is equipped with an Elo 1291L interactive screen, flush-integrated where the old screens were.

We wanted to replace the interactive screens in the most efficient way possible, without having to redo the entire auction bench. So one of the requirements was that the dimensions of the new touchscreens had to match the dimensions of the old screens as closely as possible. We were also looking for a partner to assist us. A party that could supply the hardware, on the one hand, and could adapt the existing customised solution to the new needs, on the other.


Renewed in a fortnight

Custom work

“Based on the existing solution, we searched for the best touchscreen for this retrofit project,” adds Anton Hammenecker, Account Manager at DOBIT. “By effectively dismantling the auction benches, we came to the conclusion that the Elo 1291L fit into the existing set-up almost perfectly. Since BelOrta was already convinced of the quality of the Elo screens, we were able to switch quickly and work out a plan of action. In just two weeks, the auction benches were dismantled, the cut-out was milled to size, the new screens were flush-integrated at DOBIT, and our technicians assembled the new solution at BelOrta.”

PCAP offers flexibility

Modern look & feel

"Everything was delivered on time and on budget,” Tim adds. “By using the Elo 1291L with PCAP touch technology, the whole thing also looks even more modern, because PCAP enables a nice, flush integration. In addition, PCAP also offers more flexibility for future applications because of its multi-touch functionality,” concludes Anton.

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