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Panphonics passive speaker 120 x 20

120x20 excl. amplifier

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From chaos to well focused messages

In lighting you can choose between wash lights and spots. Each of them has their own specific operationality. Until recently the equivalent of a wash light was the only thing available in the sound business. Until recently, because in the meanwhile DOBIT has become the exclusive distributor for Panphonics in the Benelux.

The PanPhonics Soundshower directional speakers announce a new era in the audio technology. They are ultra flat (3 cm), ultra lightweight and easy to install. The PanPhonics SoundShower produces a well-aimed cord of high quality sound. If you are standing in the cord, you hear everything. Loud and clear. If you are standing outside of the cord, then you hear‚ nothing! The cord is so well aimed that you can listen to a different cord with your left and right ear at the same time. Even when the Soundshower is mounted a couple of meters high.

Due to the specific features of the PanPhonics speakers, they can be used in very different situations. For example: you can mount a Soundshower in a shop rack with your specific products. The consumers only hear your messages at the specific places. No more shouting at one another.

Other examples where Panphonnics Soudshower is used:

  • Listening areas in the library, without disturbing other visitors.
  • Well-focussed audio messages in queus.
  • Audio applications in public areas, possibly in combination with digital signage.
  • Specific communication in a factory hall.
  • Information at museum expositions and exhibitions.
  • ...


  • Speaker Color Black, Wite

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